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No Wrong Door


The mission of the “No Wrong Door” committee is to create a community where the person gets to the right service at the right time at the right place.  The No Wrong Door community philosophy supports entry into mental health services through any venue – mental health service providers, law enforcement, schools, places of worship, health and human service agencies, county services, etc. 

This includes creating an electronic infrastructure to connect agencies so clients do not get bounced around between agencies or, worse yet, fall through the cracks completely. It will provide a way to capture client information, transmit it to appropriate agencies, and ensure that the loop is closed and that the client lands safely. It also includes training agencies to help consumers navigate.

The committee is working on two tracks to implement No Wrong Door in the Fox Cities:

1.            Developing and implementing “No Wrong Door” training. Training will include frontline staff of mental health providing agencies and then work through “tiers” to train gatekeepers at other points of entry.

2.            Implementing a shared referral database through which providers can share referral information and better direct individuals to services. Creating an electronic infrastructure will connect agencies with the following goals in mind:

•        Consumer/Family Member tells their story once.

•         Consumer/Family Member is directed to the right agency to meet their needs.

•         Prevent consumers from being bounced between agencies, or worse yet, fall through the cracks completely.

•         “Gatekeepers” can capture consumer information, transmit it to appropriate agencies d ensure follow up by the agency through a referral tracking system.

•         Consumers can self-refer online.

This initiative focuses on working with organizations that deal directly with individuals in need of mental health services.