N.E.W. Mental Health Connection

Connecting stakeholders and resources to improve the mental health of our community

Strengthen 24/7 Crisis Response

graphic of police car lightsWe are bringing law enforcement, county crisis, emergency departments, and mental health providers together to improve triage services and get people to the right level of care at the time they need it.

Based on information that was captured at the 2011 Mental Health Summit, the 24/7 Crisis Response Team is composed of individuals who represent the wide "Circle of Care" that touches one with an immediate mental health need. Participants represent Calumet, Winnebago, and Outagamie Counties. A mix of consumers, providers, family, advocates, schools, and law enforcement will spend time reviewing and understanding the current state of access to crisis response in order to develop a vision and a roadmap of improvement. The Crisis Response initiative will then work with the appropriate parties throughout the year to continually enhance our emergency response for mental health issues. The response to crises will be carried out by organizations, government agencies, or both.

For more information or to learn about meeting times, please contact Fran Henry at fran.henry@icloud.com