N.E.W. Mental Health Connection

Connecting stakeholders and resources to improve the mental health of our community

Support Primary Care Providers

This effort focuses on developing training and support to equip primary care providers to feel more comfortable diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. It will also ensure that as a community we have appropriate consultative mechanisms in place to support primary care providers.

The Mental Health Integration Project of NEW Mental Health Connection is working to find the best way to engage primary care providers in treating mental health issues. Both independent providers and health system representatives from family practice, pediatrics, and psychiatry are meeting to build a curriculum outlining basic psychopharmacology to be taught to local primary care providers in a collegial and consultative format. We plan to gain sufficient donor backing to compensate local doctors for their time to learn and improve this much-needed skill. In addition, this group hopes to impact compensation models to further encourage more mental health care delivery at the primary care level. At this time, we plan on working through healthcare systems to develop the training and to identify the primary care physicians who would participate.

To register for the 2014/2015 Mental Health Integration Project click here.